GFC 2150

The GFC series from ProQ have been developed and designed to bring a viable solution to Commercial BBQ, whilst maintaining the authenticity of cooking with real fire and smoke. With a wide range of features to ensure a reliable and sustainable alternative to electric or gas smokers, these beasts will give you the consistency and reliability required in a catering environment.


The ProQ GFC2150 is the smallest of our gravity feeds, but that doesn't make it small - weighing in at 310KG, and measuring 1.6m long, it's still a big boy. With a capacity for 36 racks of baby back ribs, or around  6-7 pork butts, this little GFC packs a punch!

Fire vs Electric/Gas

So, why not electric, why not gas? A lot of places use the electric and gas smokers, but if you taste the product, you may notice something… missing. There’s no smoke ring, no bark, and very little smoke flavour. Charcoal and real chunks of wood are the only way to get the authentic flavours that real BBQ needs. With the precise temperature control and consistency on these Gravity Feeds you can produce a better product with the same reliability, so we ask “Why not charcoal?”

Running Time

This smoker comes with a hopper capacity of: 10-12kg of lumpwood charcoal, ensuring you’ll have at least enough to last you the night, and with a 2” thick insulation all around, plus a ball valve air control which is basically “set and forget” they’re extremely fuel efficient, and easy to attach to a BBQ Guru for peace of mind. This unit runs for a full 28 hours at 225 °F/110°C on one full load of lumpwood charcoal, and once that's done, you can add more without even opening the cook chamber.

Bridging occurs in some gravity feeds, the charcoal sticking halfway down the chute and cutting off the fuel to your fire – Not on the ProQ GFCs, our charcoal chute is too wide for bridging to occur, and also offers a much bigger capacity than seen on most units.


All of the components inside the cooking chamber and charcoal chute are removable (including the baffle, fire grate, and ash/wood pan) making this one of the easiest to clean smokers on the market, and with the water and drip pans made to standard Gastronorm sizes, they’re easily replaced too.


The door on each smoker is fully insulated, and fitted with heavy duty slam latches, which are fully adjustable to keep the heat in as the seal wears over time (the seal is also easily replaceable). Large, heavy duty wheels and tie down rings also make the units easy to move around and transport when needed. Each smoker has the capacity for 10 grill grates (5 provided), giving you the space and flexibility to suit your needs.

A few smaller touches which make using these smokers a dream to use are the built in bottle opener (beer and BBQ go hand in hand), the extremely handy probe hole, big enough to fit any amount (probably) of probes you may need, the massive analogue thermometer, and the foldable table, which doubles as a ½ Gastro holder for mopping or just storing your thermometer in a dry place.

The other thing we need to mention when talking about the ProQ Cabinet Smokers is quality. These units are built to last, and with the largest weighing in at a whopping 440kg, you can see what you're paying for. Our finish is something we take pride in, making sure every model is up to a high standard. We (of course) did a load of research, importing several gravity feeds from the USA, but overall regardless of how they ran (some great, some not so great), the finish was always something that was lacking. Welding splatter, ugly grinding marks and sharp edges – these are things of the past with the ProQ GFC series.

Optional Extras

Some of the optional features we’re currently working on are;

  • Smaller caster wheels for indoor kitchens
  • Fat/Wide wheels for outdoor kitchens (soft ground)
  • Stainless Steel grill grates
  • Chimney “Umbrella” to stop water getting in during heavy weather
  • BBQ Guru Adapter
  • "White Glove" service. Includes delivery, on site seasoning, training and first cook.
  • Rib Racks

If you’d like to arrange a viewing or purchase please contact us through here, stating your location so we can help you out.

Overall Dimensions 1330 x 830 x 1650mm
Weight 310Kg
Cooking Chamber Dimensions 575 x 395 x 940mm (213 litres)
Cooking Grills STD/ Dimensions 5/ 550 x 390mm
Number of Cooking Grill Positions 10
Cooking Capacity (5 grills)  
St Louis Ribs 5-6
Brisket (Full Packer) 5
Pork Shoulder (Butt) 6-7
Chicken Legs (whole incl thigh) 60