Havana 7 Grilled Pineapple with Smoked Coconut Sorbet

The recipe was a runner up in our 2015 summer recipe competition. The wonderfully boozy pineapple goes perfectly with a delicious smoked coconut sorbet. 

Method: Grilling/Cold Smoking

Suggested Wood: Apple

Approx Cook Time: 4.5 hours + 36 hours soaking time & 16 hours freezing time


Havana 7 Pineapple

1 Pineapple, peeled and cut into thumb sized wedges

100 ml Havana 7 Rum

100 g Muscovado Sugaar

Smoked Coconut Sorbet

1 Coconut peeled and chopped

500 ml Coconut Cream

500 ml Coconut Milk

50 ml Coconut Rum

1 Litre Sugar Syrup


Step 1

If you have a vacuum packing machine, vacuum pack all 3 ingredients on full power and place in the fridge to soak for 36 hours. If you do not have a vacuum packing machine, simply place all ingredients in a zip lock bag and soak for the same amount of time. While the pineapple is soaking, start to make the coconut sorbet by combining the cream, milk, and coconut. Smoke for 4 hours with apple dust. Using our Cold Smoke Generator and Eco Smoker is a easy and efficient way of cold smoking! The mixture can also be hot smoked for the same amount of time, but we found that cold smoking gave the best results.

Step 2

After you have smoked your coconut mixture, combine sugar syrup and coconut rum with it,  place in an ice cream maker if you have one and follow the manufacturer's instructions. If not, place in freezer and stir every 4 hours for around 16 hours, or until frozen.

Step 3

After 36 hours, remove pineapple from pack and grill over direct heat with apple chips until soft.  Serve with Smoked Coconut Sorbet.