Setting up to Grill

Grilling is an art form, and is probably the most difficult way to BBQ there is, due to the high heat and fast pace of cooking. The ProQ smokers are capable of being transformed from low 'n slow smokers to a versatile grill, with the simple removal of the waterpan. The grill can then be adjusted to 3 different levels, depending on your requirements.

If you keep both stackers in, you can grill at a slightly lower temperature, reducing the risk of burning, but extending the cooking time. The Stackers create a chimney effect so there is still plenty of heat, even at that height.

Remove the top stacker and replace the grill on the unit to increase the temperature. If both stackers are removed, the grill can be placed directly over the charcoal basket, at a very high heat, you can control this by moving the coals to one side of the basket and cooking on the cooler side. You may notice that the lid fits onto the base, and can be clipped on, making the unit a portable kettle grill, perfect for taking to the beach or on camping trips.