Caveman Ham Hocks

Called Oerhametjie (translates to “caveman ham”), this recipe from PitmasterX is for hot smoked ham hocks. The timing for these is 3 hours smoked, 2 hours in foil and one hour back on the grill.

Method: Hot smoking

Suggested Wood: Apple

Approx. Cook Time: 6 Hours


Ham hocks
Apple BBQ rub
Olive oil
BBQ sauce (Chilli or Mustard works well)


Step 1

Set up your smoker to run at 225°F and rub your hocks with olive oil and an apple BBQ dry rub.

Step 2

Put them on the smoker for 3 hours with your apple wood on the fire, before removing them and placing them on a sheet of tinfoil each.

Step 3

Add a knob of butter and a couple tablespoons of your chosen sauce to each hock and wrap it in the foil, make sure it doesn't leak.

Step 4

Put them back on the smoker for a further 2 hours, then remove them from the foil carefully and try to save the juices.

Step 5

With the hocks back on the smoker, mop them with the juices and some more sauce for about an hour.

Check out the video below:

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