ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes

 ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes will burn 2-3 times longer than ordinary wood charcoal, making this product much more economical to use for longer cooks. ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes also burns hotter than ordinary wood charcoal, making it perfect for grilling. ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes are 100 % natural, containing no sulphur or any other chemicals, which means it is completely tasteless and odourless. ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes will also produce a much smaller amount of ash than standard charcoal. A 10 kg pack of ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes will burn for the same amount of time as a 20 kg bag or standard lump wood charcoal. ProQ Cocoshell Briquettes are environmentally friendly and have a negative carbon footprint.

  • Burns 2-3 times longer than ordinary wood charcoal
  • Burns 2 times hotter than ordinary wood charcoal
  • 100 % natural
  • Tasteless & odourless

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