ProQ Thermomount

The ProQ Thermomount is a great way to mount your electronic digital BBQ thermometer to your BBQ or smoker, keeping it protected from the hot surface of the lid, helping to tidy up wires or simply giving you somewhere to put it whilst in use.

  • It's easy to fit in most cases, simply remove the existing lid gauge, slip the Thermomount under it and re-install the gauge to hold it in place.
  • Should fit most brands/models of BBQ, and thermometer check our ever growing lists below
  • If it's not on the list, it can be fitted using nuts and bolts.

Available to buy from here in the UK or see our list of worldwide distributors.


Smokers and BBQs

  • ProQ - All Bullet Smoker models.
  • Weber Smokey Mountain - all models with a lid thermometer
  • Weber Kettle- all models with a lid thermometer
  • Bristol Drum Smoker


  • BBQ Guru CyberQ, Cloud and DigiQ DX2
  • InkBird
  • iGrill
  • Maverick
  • FlameBoss - will require nuts/bolts/washers.